Introducing Cyclists of Arkansas

Cyclists of Arkansas

Who are the cyclists of Arkansas? They are our neighbors, our friends, and our family. They are out teachers, and our students, our nurses and our doctors. They are our community, people we see every day, and these are their stories.

BACA is happy to announce the launch of Cyclists of Arkansas. We will share stories and photos of people on bikes from all walks of life and who ride for all sorts of reasons. Whether you are an avid cyclists or occasionally see someone ride by on a bike, keep in mind that we are just like you, we just happened to be on a bike.

Contact us or message the Facebook page to share your stories or add stories of others you know or who you meet. A few sentences about who you are, why you ride and a photo of yourself is all we need. For your photo, leave off all the gear and riding kits and show us yourself as if we were to meet you walking down the street.

Please enjoy Cyclists of Arkansas