Fort Roots Trail Widened

Many bicyclists have biked up the scenic Fort Roots hill to ride around the grounds on top of the hill and back down.  Not all cyclists are aware of the paved “Fort Roots Highlands Perimeter Trail” that winds around the perimeter of the hill/mountain just above the quarry (take a left on to the trail a couple hundred feet or so before the gate and guard house at the top of the hill).  The paved trail is about two miles long and comes out on the north side of Pulaski Tech and the Fort Roots campus.  The trail has some of the most spectacular views around, perhaps on the planet.  HOWEVER, until last week the trail had one significant deficiency – a several hundred yard section that narrowed to the width of a small sidewalk (see photo) immediately behind the old officers’ houses, while the width of the rest of the trail is 12′ to 14′.  The sidewalk narrow section was difficult and dangerous to ride, especially since a several hundred foot drop-off into the quarry was just a few feet from the edge of the trail.
As part of its advocacy effort, BACA has been working to get the trail widened.  BACA is pleased to report that through the efforts of North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith and Parks and Recreation Director Bob Rhoads, working with the Fort Roots Veterans facility administration, that section has now been widened to the same 12′ to 14′ width as the rest of the trail.  The entire trail is now a great riding experience.  See the before and after comparison in the photos below.
BACA very much appreciates the efforts of Mayor Smith, Director Bob Rhoads, and the Veterans Administration to make the trail much safer and enjoyable to use.

Fort Roots Trail
The Before and After of the narrow trail section at Fort Roots