Board Members

  • President – Mason Ellis
  • Vice-President – Stacy Tierney
  • Secretary – Diane Barton
  • Treasurer – Steven Long

At-Large Board Members

  • Coreen Frasier
  • Harrison Maddox
  • Gracia Stroud
  • Cody Oden

Club Representatives

  • Jim Britt – Arkansas Bicycle Club
  • Rachel Furman – CARVE
  • David McWhorter – Rev Rock
  • Laurie Rogers – Heels on Wheels
  • Phillip Wood – Mellow Velo
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall policy and operation of Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas and has authority to make final determination of all major policies, budgetary matters and other activities related to the on-going operations of Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas. The Board of Directors consists of the four elected officers, four at-large Directors, the chairs of committees created by the Board of Directors and representatives from the Arkansas Bicycle Club, Mello Velo, Rev Rock and Major Taylor cycling clubs.
The Board may designate any former Board member as an emeritus member of the Board. Emeritus Board members shall have full rights of Board membership, including the right to attend and participate in Board meetings, but do not have voting rights as a Board member.
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