Riverfront Drive Reconfiguration Meets Opposition

The public meeting regarding the Riverfront Bike lanes on Monday, April 27 was heated to say the least. Residents

The plan for Riverfront Drive

from the nearby Canal Pointe neighborhood turned out in force to oppose the Riverfront Drive proposal. While some cyclists and residents did show up in support, their comments in favor of the project were greatly overpowered by the rest of the crowd.

Currently the city is looking at scrapping the project because of the disapproval at the public meeting.

We need BACA’s support TODAY!

If you are in favor of the project, If you think the River trail is more important for Central Arkansas than an over-engineered 1 mile stretch of road, if you feel the current configuration of the trail is dangerous for families and visitors, please show your support for this project. Because as of now, the city has heard that the people of Little Rock do not want a safer Riverfront Drive and think that a single striped bike lane on a speedy over-built road is adequate for the Arkansas River Trail.

If you use the Arkansas River Trail and want to make it safer for everyone, we ask you to please email the city and let them know!

Email your support for a “Riverfront drive road diet and widening of River Trail to 13ft in either direction” to the following emails: bmoore@littlerock.org, mstodola@littlerock.orgttolefree@littlerock.org,Jhoneywell@littlerock.orgjlewno@littlerock.org. and well as Ward 3 Director Kathy Webb at kathywebb14@gmail.com

The plan for Riverfront Drive
The plan for Riverfront Drive