Little Rock Moves Forward

The BACA Board of Directors sent a letter to Mayor Stodola on June 8th asking the status of the behind Dillard’s Trail. We understand that Mayor Stodola is still working to get that accomplished. We have almost 800 Likes on the Close the Loop Facebook Page.

River Trail Connector: In the meantime, the City Board of Directors took a few steps toward making Little Rock a little more bicycle friendly. Approval of money for construction of the connector on the Little Rock River Trail behind the old marina building on Cantrell was on the City Board of Director’s consent agenda at the July 9, 2013 City Board meeting and passed unanimously. The connector will keep cyclists going west from having to go the wrong way on the road by the Cantrell viaduct. It is a good first step and a temporary measure as the City continues to work towards completing the loop by routing the Trail behind Dillard’s headquarters.

SoMa Bike Lanes: Dozens of bicyclists showed up at the Little Rock City Board meeting on July 16, 2013.  Nineteen persons signed up to speak in favor of approval of the resurfacing project on Main Street, which would include bike lanes from I-630 to Roosevelt Road. After about ten persons spoke, the City Board of Directors called the question and voted unanimously in favor of approving the resolution.  Only 10 percent of the project, which costs about $460,000, will be funded by the City; the rest to be funded by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Medical Mile Repair: The City is continuing with repairs to fill to the Medical Mile. The City estimates the repairs to be completed by mid-August.

Sharrows on Kavanaugh: Because of the cost of putting in sharrows, the City had to bid the project. Construction is expected to begin in about a month.

Resurfacing projects: Bond money was approved for resurfacing many streets in Little Rock.  We will work with the Little Rock Bike Ped Coordinator to advocate for putting bike lanes where appropriate on streets to be resurfaced. Among the streets set to be resurfaced in 2014 where we want bike lanes is Daisy Bates, which would link the upcoming South Main Bike Lanes to 12th Street bike lanes, connecting SoMa, Philander Smith, Ark Baptist College, Central High, and UALR to the Zoo, War Memorial Park, and more. Other road resurfacing projects coming up where we would like to see bike lanes are Louisiana and Scott (north of I-630), Rahling Road and Pinnacle Valley Road. We will keep you updated on what action we as BACA can take to promote this. How about bike rides on streets where we want bike lanes, such as Daisy Bates and Third Street?  

And still more: The City received a $40,000 grant to build a bridge and pave Rock Creek Trail to the west of Loyola. The Rock Creek Trail would help provide an east-west connection downtown Little Rock out west.