Little Rock City Board Passes Complete Streets Ordinance

On Tuesday, April 21st, the Little Rock City Board of Directors voted 9-1 in favor of the proposed complete streets ordinance that had been in the works since mid-2014.

Speakers from the Little rock Sustainability Commission, AARP, Studio Main and BACA all presented to the city board members on the benefits of complete streets, including safer streets for all users–from people who ride transit to people with disabilities to people who ride bikes, walk or run. For more information about complete streets, see this Complete Streets FAQ.

BACA appreciates the cooperation of the Little Rock city board members in working to make our roads safer for everyone. Now that the ordinance has passed, the challenge becomes enforcement, or ensuring that the city and developers actually follow through with the ordinance. This will be discussed at a later date. Thank you all for your support! It was a community effort all the way and we are excited to move forward.

South Main Complete Streets
South Main Street is one example of a “Complete Street” in Little Rock