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BACA uses the Smart Cycling Curriculum developed by the League of American Bicyclists. Over the past four years, BACA has worked with our League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) to offer a wide range of bike and traffic safety skills in central Arkansas. LCIs offer courses to suit the needs of anyone. Certified, insured and equipped to teach anything from basic skills to college-level courses, LCIs are the experts in bicycle education and safety. Courses offered include: Traffic Skills 101, Traffic Skills 201, Bicycle Commuting Workshop, Sharing the Road (motorist education), Cycling Skills for Parents, Cycling Skills for Adults, Cycling Skills for Children, and Safe Routes to School (the Traffic Skills 101 course tailored for younger riders, elementary through middle school). LCI’s can also offer customized versions of these courses, design bike rodeos, and provide general safety consulting.

Another educational resource is the Yield 2 Life group. Take some time and read over their safety tips for cyclist and safety tips for drivers pages.

Learn to Ride the Right Way… in Traffic or on the Trails!

To find local League Cycling Instructors and when classes are available in Arkansas, check the following link:  

For general reference, we’ve collected some basic bike safety and traffic skills material for home study and reference.  Most of this information parallels the curriculum used in the Smart Cycling courses, and can be used as preparation to take a Traffic Skills class.


  • Traffic Skills 101 On-Line Course:  (Here’s an option to take the classroom portion of Traffic Skills 101 on-line, including the written test.  This allows you to review the material, take the test on-line, and save or print a scoresheet, which you can then take to a local LCI in order to complete the on-the-bike portion of the course in order to receive a certificate for completing Traffic Skills 101.)

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