Advocacy at Work – Recent Responses to Our Advocacy Efforts

LaHarpe Street Little Rock


On March 8, 2013, pursuant to BACA’s request, representatives from the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, Jim McKenzie, Executive Director of Metroplan and others met with BACA representatives to discuss the section of the River Trail being repaired at North Street and LaHarpe.  We pointed out that the section was extremely dangerous, forcing bicyclists to ascend up to Cantrell and make an almost 90-degree turn onto the narrow bridge over the railroad tracks.

The AHTD agreed to widen the path to about a 14 to 16 foot pathway.  The sharp 90-degree turn will be eliminated.  The pathway would gently ascend and turn to the east and west onto the five-foot sidewalk before the LaHarpe bridge.

The path has now been widened, making ascending and descending the Cantrell to North Street section safer and more accommodating to cyclists.  Pictures of the improved pathway are below.  We reported to the City of Little Rock that the southern portion of North Street needs to be cleared of debris and the surface smoothed.  The City of Little Rock has stated that it will work to keep that section of the trail clear of gravel and debris.

Thanks to AHTD for responding to the concerns of bicyclists.

Little Rock River Trail Signage


On March 22, 2013, BACA wrote to Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola requesting that caution signs be placed along the section of the River Trail from under the Cantrell St. viaduct to Cross Street warning bicyclists that the trail is temporary and that cyclists should be proceed with caution.  The City of Little Rock responded to our request and has placed signs at the Cantrell St. Viaduct and at Cross Street/LaHarpe Bridge.  

Thanks to the City of Little Rock to responding to our request and working to ensure that cyclists are safe as they travel along the River Trail.