Advocacy Alert – New Developments in West Little Rock May Threaten Cycling

1) In the recent slew of new mega gas station proposals, another one has surfaced that will effect cyclists in West Little Rock. A 20 pump Murphy Oil Gas Station is being proposed at the intersection of Taylor Loop and Cantrell Road .  This is a frequented intersection by cyclist who are travelling from west Little Rock neighborhoods north to Pinnacle Valley Road. The proposal will increase traffic congestion and the number cars entering and exiting the street at this already dangerous intersection.
If you feel this development will be unsafe for cyclists in the area as well as harmful to surrounding residents, commuters and pedestrians, you can attend the upcoming Public hearing at the City of Little Rock Planning Commission Meeting at city Hall, this Thursday at 4:00 and voice your concerns. A group of neighborhood residents are planning on attending to oppose the development as well. If the issue passes, it will then head to the City Council for a final vote. For more info on the proposal, Click Here

 There are reports of a “big box” company seeking to purchase land to build a retail outlet at the top of River Mountain Road & have the property rezoned from residential to commercial status. There are only three property owners from the Cantrell Road intersection to the point down the hill on River Mountain Road at which River Mountain Park begins. An actively opposed property owner has brought together an informal group of property owners in the general area of the potential development who would be adversely affected one way or another by the development &, in addition, a few bicyclists. Nothing has been filed with the city and to our knowledge, no land purchases have been made as of yet.

A development this size and at this location would have immense negative effects on cyclists either biking down the road or driving to access the Two River Park Bridge and the Arkansas River Trail as well as general traffic congestion at the Intersection of Cantrell and River Mountain Road. While no action is needed at this time, BACA is carefully following this as it develops and will keep everyone informed.